Discover of the coastline of Mauritius

A private guided tour along the coastline of Mauritius. This is a one day round the island trip.

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Make a complete tour around the coastline of Mauritius in one day? YES, it is possible, but there are not so many drivers on the island who will be willing to organize such a trip because it will involve too much driving for one day.
For most drivers of the island, the mindset is to drive as less kilometers as possible but to take the maximum money out of your purse!
You want to drive your rental car through this tour? Why not? This solution can be very economically attractive but will you really be discovering the country or will you simply be driving along our roads with, maybe your wife beside you, constantly consulting a road map to guide you to the right direction? You will thus loose lot of time and miss interesting spots which you will pass by, unaware about their existence.
Our offer is to drive you, without stress or fatigue, through a complete tour of the coastline of mauritius with a local driver who knows the island and the hazards of Mauritian road traffic. You will also be accompanied during this tour by a native guide who will show you, in an atmosphere of friendliness, the various key locations on the route and share with you the routine of Mauritian lifestyle

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Useful information:

  • Tarif by car - 5,000 MUR ( 5 persons maximum)
  • Tarif by minibus - 7,000 MUR ( 12 persons maximum)
  • Tarif by bus - 9,000 MUR ( 24 persons maximum)
  • Lunch not included
  • Duration - Full day (8 to 18 hrs)
  • Other - Entrance fees not included
  • Availability - On demand (online booking only)


From hotel

Operating days



10+ hours

Time of activity

8:00 to 18:00


On booking 2 weeks in advance




Lunch and entry fees (if any) not include


Book 1 month in advance for period between 15 december to 15 january

By car

5,000 MUR (maximun 5 persons)

By minibus

7,000 MUR (max. 12 persons)

By bus

9,000 MUR (max. 24 persns)


Per excursion, not per person

Payment mode

Cash, in local currency, at end of excursion

More information SMS +230 52 51 01 31

Direct booking

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