Amelia tour, visit of Mauritius

Amelia tour is a guided visit of the colonial historical part of Mauritius including the naval museum of Mahebourg and Blue Bay.

The Botanical garden, Mountainous villages, the northern plain, northern viewpoints, Domaine d'Ylang Ylang, the east coast, naval museum of Mahebourg and Blue Bay

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Amelia tour start with a visit to the famous Pamplemousse botanical garden in Mauritius, then to the mountainous northern part of the island, Le domaine d'Ylang Ylang (if operational) for essential oil extraction from different plants, the east coast, the town and naval museum of Mahebourg and Blue bay. Amelia tour will bring you to visit parts of the Mauritius where human being set feet for the first time and start colonization. Mahebourg naval museum is the most interesting museum of the island and is directly related to colonial period of the island and naval battles which took place between English and French sailors. This place harbors also a biscuit manufacture which had remain unchanged since decades.

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Useful information before reservation:

  • Tarif by car - 4,000 MUR ( 5 persons maximum)
  • Tarif by minibus - 6,000 MUR ( 12 persons maximum)
  • Tarif by bus - 8,000 MUR ( 24 persons maximum)
  • Lunch not included
  • Duration - Full day (8 to 18 hrs)
  • Other - Entrance fees not included
  • Availability - On demand (online booking only)


Start from accommodation

Operating days

Every day


10 h +

Time of activity

08:00 - 18:00 or at will


On booking 2 weeks in advance




Lunch and entry fees not included


4,000 MUR (5 persons maxi.)


6,000 MUR (12 persons maxi)


8,000 MUR (24 persons maxi)


Per excursion, not per person



Payment mode

Cash, in local currency, at end of excursion

More information SMS +230 52 51 01 31

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Amelia tour

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