Indo mauritian cuisine, Mauritius

Experience the taste of genuine indo mauritian cuisine at Chamarel in Mauritius.

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Mauritius is not that lagoon and beach. You should taste its cuisine also. If you really want to experience the real traditional cuisine of the island, then do not look for it in stars hotels but go to the guy next-door in the neighborhood.
About true indo mauritian cuisine in Mauritius we have discover a little gem which is highly rated in most tourist guides. It lies along the road to Chamarel. It is a small indo mauritian family business where foods are really delicious but cheap.
You will have the opportunity to taste local fruits and vegetables grown in the owner's backyard. If you're lucky, maybe you will even have the chance to visit his vegetable garden, orchard and livestock.
The menu of indo mauritian cuisine in mauritius consist primarily of local fruit and vegetable. Thus you will discover the taste of chayote, okra, jackfruit, balsam pear, green papaya salad among others. In this restaurant you eat in the same way as it is done during Hindu marriages; you will have a variety of dishes to choose from.
All dishes will be served on a banana leaf and for once you can forget your fork, knife and spoon as the 'farata', Indian cake is eaten with fingers.
Be assure that there is not as vegetarian or Mauritian dishes. You can also taste seafood or seasonal game if you want.
During your stay in Mauritius it is sure that you will visit the Central Market of Port Louis, well, all the fine vegetables, fruits and spices that you see there, you shall have the opportunity to taste some in this restaurant which we believe deserves to be discovered during a lunch break. Remember, the beauty of the island is not only to be contemplated but to taste too!

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Operating days



6.5 hours

Time of activity

9:30 to 16:00


On booking 2 weeks in advance


At extra cost


This activity is temporarily unavailable


Book 1 month in advance for period between 15 december to 15 january


3,600 MUR

Child (3-10 yrs)

1,800 MUR

Infant (less 3 yrs)




Payment mode

Cash, in local currency, at end of excursion

More information SMS +230 52 51 01 31

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For booking, use our contact form.Tell us how many persons. We will care for the rest

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