Catamaran Royal Cruise Grand Bay Mauritius | Gabriel island.

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Marine excursion to Gabriel island aboard the catamaran Royal Cruise with start of Grand Bay, Mauritius.


With its shimmering violet color, the catamaran Royal Cruise is a boat which is very eye-catching in the bay of Grand Bay. Indeed, it is the most beautiful and one of the biggest catamarans there. The Royal Cruise measures 18 meters in length and can hold approximately 60 passengers.


The marine outing to Gabriel island with the Royal Cruise is done daily. The tour begins at Grand Bay around 9:00 am and ends at about 16:00. The meeting point is at 'Café de la Plage' located at Sunset Boulevard in Grand-Bay around 8:30 am. The departure is from the public beach of Grand Bay.

Gabriel island

The sea trip to Gabriel island (normally known as Ilot Gabriel) is the most appreciated marine excursion by Mauritians as well as the tourists. Unlike ile-aux-cerfs and Benitiers island which are located inside the Mauritian lagoon, ilot Gabriel is about 16 kilometers in the open sea in the north of Mauritius. This is what makes this catamaran outing with the Royal Cruise to Gabriel island is a real day of sensation, discovery and change of scenery.


Sensational in the sense that the navigation from Grand bay to Ilot Gabriel will be somewhat chaotic due to the fact that the navigation will be windward. Waves of 1 to 2 meters are expected in normal weather, which will add spices to the journey which will takes place in the big blue as soon as the catamaran passes the Coin de Mire. The latter is the first island to pass by on the way to Ilot Gabriel. The famous grotto named 'Trou Madame' (woman’s hole) can be seen in the cliff of Coin de Mire as well as straw-in-tail, majestic birds nesting there.


Discovery in the sense that along the way, on Gabriel island as well as in its lagoons, visitors will be amaze by very interesting tropical flora and fauna.

Change of scenery

Finally the change of scenery in the sense that due to the fact that the destination is very far from the coast of Mauritius, the participants will find themselves in the middle of nowhere in full big blue.


Unlike those who will choose other boats, participants who choose to go to Gabriel Island from Grand Bay in Mauritius with the catamaran Royal Cruise will benefit from exclusive use of beach huts, deckchairs and other available facilities there. Lunch is on the beach. Thus these participants will benefit more time to enjoy the beach and its lagoons.

The program for the catamaran outing is Gabriel Island in Mauritius with Royal Cruise

  • 8:30 am – Meeting at “Café de la plage” restaurant in Grand-Baie to complete last formalities.
  • 9.45 am - Embarkation aboard the Royal Cruise catamaran for Gabriel Island.
  • 9h00 - From Grand Bay, Mauritius, departure of the Royal Cruise for Ilot Gabriel. Presentation, in the bay of Grand Bay, of the crew members followed an explanation session about the boat and the cruise. Drinks will be served at will all along the way.
  • 11:00 am - Anchoring the Royal Cruise in the Gabriel Island lagoon. Presentation of the place followed by transfer of passengers from the catamaran to the beach of ilot Gabriel. Bathing, sunbathing and snorkeling for guests. Crew member will set up lunch. 12:30 - Lunch on the island. On the menu, chicken and grilled fish. Various raw and cooked vegetable salad. Fish and grilled chicken; accompanied by paste, rice and bread. Banana flambé for dessert. Meal accompanied by wine, rum or home punch. (vegetarian menu available on request).
  • 14h30 - Royal Cruise leaves mooring to return to Grand Bay.
  • 16h00 - Landing at Grand Bay. End of tour
  • Note that the timing of this excursion can vary by half an hour.

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  • Wear your life-jacket for the duration of the navigation. Do not wait for the skipper to ask you to do so.
  • We do not provide life-jackets for young children. Do the necessary!
  • Please let us know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions so that we can prepare meals adaptable to your needs.



Operating days



7 hours

Time of activity

09:00 to 16:00


On booking 2 weeks in advance


Offer at extra charge


Catamaran available for private rental


Book 1 month in advance for period between 15 december to 15 january



1,600 MUR

Child (3-10 yrs)

800 MUR

Infant (less 3 yrs)

400 MUR



Mode de paiement

Cash, in local currency, at end of excursion

More information SMS +230 52 51 01 31

Direct booking

Alternative Booking here

Gabriel island with Royal Cruise

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