Charter a catamaran in Mauritius

catamaran rental in Mauritius

Charter a catamaran in Mauritius with lunch, drinks and skippers for private cruise.

Will you be travelling in group? Do you have a special event to celebrate? Or maybe you just want some hours of privacy under the tropical sunshine, just the two of you? Charter a catamaran in Mauritius is an ideal solution to cater for your needs.

Charter a catamaran in Mauritius for the following following destinations: -

  • Day at Gabriel island or Flat island for 1 to 15 persons (Capacity max. 15, 33, 40 or 59 pers.) = MUR 40,000 (approx. 1,143 Euros)
  • Day at ile aux cerfs for 1 to 15 persons. (Capacity max. 33 or 40 pers.) = MUR 48,000 (approx. 1,372 Euros)
  • Day at Benitier island for 1 to 15 persons. (Capacity max. 27 pers.) = MUR 45,000 (approx. 1,285 Euros)
  • Additional pax = MUR 1,500 (approx. 37 Euros)
  • Lobster at lunch (250 gms)(Optional) = MUR 950 (approx. 28 Euros)

Our rates for catamaran rental of boat are as per above-mentionned excursions. Other on demand itinerary can be organise with prior arrangement.

The rental includes one catamaran, drinks, lunch for 15 passengers. Two or three skippers will be available depending on the itinerary.

The maximum number of passenger per catamaran varies from 15 to 59 passengers, depending on boat.

For reasons of availability, any application for catamaran charter must be made well in advance, through our website and validate against the payment of a deposit. We do not accept reservations overnight by phone.

Note :- Our catamaran charter are intended only for tourism purposes over the duration of an 8-hour day. In no case our boats will be involved in night-time outings or for the transport of illicit products.

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To know

  • Start - North, east or west
  • Operating days - Everyday
  • Rental duration - per wish
  • Activity hours - per wish
  • Itinerary - per wish with prior arrangements
  • Availability - Online booking ONLY, with payment of deposit at least 2 weeks prior to date
  • Note - Rental duration start at pickup and end at drop off
  • Comments - Book 1 month in advance for period between 15 december to 15 january


  • Tarification - Per catamaran
  • Normal rental (15 pax. max.) - Price depend on destination
  • Additional pax - 1,500 MUR per pax
  • Lobster - 950 MUR per 250 gms
  • Booking
    with deposit payment by bank transfer, Western Union, Paypal ou JuicebyMCB
  • Remaining payment - In cash, in local currency.


A deposit will be requested for this booking

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