Partner's promotion

Promoting your tourist activities

Do you have a tourism activity in Mauritius that you want to promote?
We will be delighted to dedicate, for free, a page on our website for your business as we do for various partners across the island.
We will also take care of the promotion / ranking on search engines, booking and selling your products on our website.
This requires that you SIMPLY provide us, both in English and French:-

  1. as much details as possible (technical and package) about your activities; descriptions such as you would like them to appear on our website.
  2. Appealing digital materials (image or video).
  3. Public and T.O rate or if not, which percentage of your set price you will give us on the sale of your product through our website.

You can send us written descriptions by email.
For imaging / video, if they are not too heavy in bytes, you can send them to us by email or otherwise on CD / DVD by post to the address we will notify you upon request
Creation of your webpage will start as soon as we receive your materials